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Modulation Rotor End Plate Analysis

         This analysis was performed because of concerns on a critical part of a magnetic gearbox design. The part was designed to handle a relatively high amount of stress for the size of the part (Delrin).

         The part was cut into a smaller segment because of its symmetry and in order to save computational resources. The mesh was increased drastically in the area of interest to ensure high quality results. The simulation was setup to apply a large radial force on the rod, which would be transferred directly to the part of interest.


        The initial results (Iso Clipped) showed the presence of stress singularities which were disregarded in the later analysis. These singularities can be prevented or at least reduced with further mesh and model refinement, as well as considering other simulation parameters or other software such as ANSYS.

Stress plot 2.JPG

        The picture below shows the initial results (un-clipped) with and edge plot in the area of interest.

Stress plot 1.JPG

        An identical simulation was performed using ANSYS for validation.

Ansys 1.png

       A mesh control validation study was also performed to confirm convergence.

Final Results.JPG
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