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Computer Vision Lane Keep Assist

         The main objective of this project was to create a system that could find and track road markings while keeping the vehicle centered within its lane. A Pixy 2.1 camera was used with a zoom lens and light sensor. This camera setup was attached to a 2-axis servo motor actuator device to enable the line search function. A retractable 3D printed interface was attached to a linear actuator which was controlled with a stepper motor. Its range of motion was set by two limit switches. 


        An Arduino Uno microcontroller was used to post-process the data sent from the Pixy 2.1 and 



        The pictures below show the solenoids attached to the car's cruise control.


        Overall, the project was a success. There are still some improvements I would like to make in the future, such as refining the code further and attaching a servo motor to the LIDAR sensor to allow it to adjust for turns/hills and perform a "sweeping" function to increase the area of detection and identify objects.

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