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Wave-Powered Desalination Device

         This project is currently part of the Waves to Water Design Competition. The goal of this competition is to find innovative ways to capture ocean energy and use it for desalination. It is currently in the design stage. If our design carries through, it will be manufactured and testing in a real world environment. My current role on the Wave-Actuated Tethered Emergency Response Buoyant Reverse Osmosis System or "WATERBROS" team is to create and assemble all of the components in Solidworks. This includes 3D models, technical drawings, bill of materials, and high quality renderings and animations.

V6.1 Render 3.JPG

        I am unable to elaborate on the design's functionality at this time to protect intellectual property. More details will be added to this page as the competition progresses.

        This video shows the pump operating by converting rotational displacement to linear displacement.

        This animation shows the tangential displacement results for a non-linear simulation of the power spring.

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