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Continuously Variable Magnetic Gear

         This personal project was inspired from previous work I have done as part of the magnetic gear research team. The objective was to create a magnetic gearbox with a gear ratio that could be changed instantaneously and continuously. I manufactured it entirely out of 3D printed parts (including conductive filament for the modulation rotor) and wood to make it as cheap and easy to assemble as possible. There are few designs like this, and to the extent of my knowledge, it is the first and only functioning prototype of a CVMG in existence

         The gearbox consists of an inner rotor, modulating rotor, and outer rotor/stator. The rotational speed of outer rotor is controlled with a stepper motor which enables final drive ratio to increase or decrease (or go backwards!).

         Axial cross section view.

         Radial cross section view.

         Real axial cross section view with modified inner rotor (higher torque design).

         Operational video first showing the output shaft being held, followed by the outer rotor being held.

         Overall test setup (at home).

         Demonstration video showing a constant input speed, with varying outer rotor speed, which changes the output speed.

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