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        Need help developing an idea? Please fill out the request form                 below and I'll send you a quote as soon as I can! 

         If you would like to discuss the details first, I'm happy to arrange             an online meeting or phone call at your convenience.

        I use SolidWorks Standard and AutoDesk Fusion 360 for the                design services offered below. 

Production Machines

Upgraded to 1.25 HP Spindle

2 X (3 total printers)

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Servics Offered:

-Form focused

-Form and function focused

-Function focused

-Function and aesthetic focused

-Function focused

-Function and aesthetic focused

-More realistic material, texture, and lighting effects

-Mechanisms, and exploded assembly steps

-Linear static, modal freq., and thermal

-Buckling, nonlinear static, and dynamic

-Key dimensions with limited views and detail

-Full dimensions with tolerances (for manufacturing)

-Component selection and integration

-C++ based

-Install anywhere for monitoring and / or controls



-No designs or prototypes that are dangerous or can be used as weapons

-3D printed prototype material limited to PLA, PETG, and TPU (no ABS or polycarbonate for now)

-CNC milled prototype material limited to plastic, wood, or light metals like aluminum


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*A more detailed summary of prototype costs and / or commented timesheet (min. 1 comment / 2 hours) can be provided upon request.