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     Do you need help developing an idea or improving an existing product?


  • Fill out the request form below to receive a free estimate.

  • A consultation will then be scheduled to discuss the details. NDA will be provided upon request.

  • You will then receive a final quote and scope of work document. Once               signed and submitted, the work will begin on your project.

  • All files will be securely sent to you once the work has been completed.

  • A follow-up meeting will be scheduled to discuss the final design / prototype. If you are in the Charlotte, NC area, this can be done in person. Otherwise, a remote meeting will be setup and any physical prototypes will be shipped with your specified shipping rate.



*Other software can be used on an as needed basis. A minor rate adjustment

may be required, depending on the specific software required.

Production Machines

Upgraded to 1.25 HP Spindle

2 X

Kobra Plus, specs.jpg

Request Form

Servics Offered:

-Form focused

-Form and function focused

-Function focused

-Function and aesthetic focused

-Function focused

-Function and aesthetic focused

-More realistic material, texture, and lighting effects

-Mechanisms, and exploded assembly steps

-Linear static, modal freq., and thermal

-Buckling, nonlinear static, and dynamic

-Key dimensions with limited views and detail

-Full dimensions with tolerances (for manufacturing)

-Component selection and integration

-C++ based

-Install anywhere for monitoring and / or controls

-General project feedback and guidance

-Consultation focused on complex engineering topics



-No designs or prototypes that are dangerous or can be used as weapons

-3D printed prototype material limited to PLA, PETG, and TPU 

-CNC milled prototype material limited to plastic, wood, or light metals like aluminum


May I add this project to my portfolio?




Thanks for submitting!


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*A more detailed summary of prototype costs and / or commented timesheet can be provided upon request.

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